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Photo: Alexandra Balogh

Signal systems in nature

The question about how animals have evolved warning coloration to signal unprofitability to potential predators has been debated for over 150 years. Using chickens, researchers at the Department of Zoology have shown that a psychological mechanism in the signal receiver can drive the evolutionary process towards warning signals, and this could be relevant also for other signal systems in nature.

Photo: Marcus Marcetic

Wallenberg Academy Fellow 2017

Rike Stelkens has been nominated as Wallenberg Academy Fellow 2017 by he Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. She will investigate whether the genetic diversity that results from hybridization helps yeast to survive in new environments.

Photo: Christina Hansen Wheat

Social behaviour in dogs and wolves

This study compares the social behaviour of dogs with wolves (Canis lupus) to identify the basic behavioural differences between the two species related to the domestication process.

Photo: Bertil Borg

Bertil is one of Swedens coolest rearchers

Meet one of Sweden's 100 coolest researchers - Bertil Borg and learn more about threespine stickleback

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