Keys and access cards are ordered by Minna, Siw or Anette.

The Section for Safety and Security and Key Office is responsible for all locks, card readers, and access control systems at the University.

Key Office:
Visiting address: B371, Södra huset
Telephone: 08-16 25 20

Summer time (1/5-15/9)
Mondays – Wednesdays and Fridays   08:00-16:00
Tuesdays   09:00-16:00

Winter time (16/9-30/4)
Mondays – Wednesdays and Fridays   08:00-16:30
Tuesdays   09:00-16:30
Closed for lunch 11:00-11:30

In case of urgent problems with locks, keys, or access card systems during evenings or weekends, please call campus security at 08-16 42 00.