Research Themes


Animal personality

Humans are not the only animal with distinct personalities. Our research investigates the evolution of animal personalities in a suite of different taxa.



Animals process information from the world around them. Our research investigates how animal cognition functions and evolves and the mechanisms behind variation in cognition between individuals, populations and species.


Adaptive colouration and predator psychology

Animals exhibit tremendous diversity in colouration. Our research examines the evolution of animal colouration in light of the perceivers of such signals (for instance predators, prey and potential partners) using insects, birds and fish as model systems.


Foraging decisions

Why do animals eat one kind of plant and not another? Why is there so much variation in these types of decisions? We investigate interactions between herbivores and plants to understand animal foraging decisions in mammals and insects.


Division Leader: Niclas Kolm

Director of Studies: Hans Temrin

Subject Representative: Niclas Kolm