General rules and regulations

All students are subject to the Stockholm University rules and regulations regarding use of Stockholm University computers, network and system facilities. In order to get access to the university network, you need to read and understand these rules and sign the enclosed agreement when applying for a computer account.
Rules and regulations for students

University Account

All students and employees of Stockholm University have access to a personal user account on the university network. This account is used for logging on to all university IT facilities and systems that are centrally administrated.

More information about university account

Obtaining a University Account

If you are a newly registered student at Stockholm University or if you do not already have a computer account at the university, we recommend that you as soon as possible, after registering at the department, apply for a student account at Studentsupporten (Student Support). You apply for the account online

Wireless network access

You can log on to the AlbaNova wireless network using eduroam but also to other wireless networks at universities both in Sweden and abroad as well as Swedish airports and trainstations.

Connect to eduroam

Office 365 for students

Office 365 has been made available to all active students at Stockholm University . Office 365 includes email via Outlook / Exchange, cloud based storage (OneDrive) and access to the MS Office suite.

More information about MS Office 365 for students

Mitt universitet

Mitt universitet,, is the website for most of the services associated with your University Account. You can administrate your account here.
Mitt universitet


The University Account is also used for logging on to the Mondo portal, which is used at the department. Inside Mondo you can look at updated course schedules for your courses, get course information, discuss the course with your teacher and other students, download and upload course assignments.

Departmental IT resources

Certain courses require access to computers and software provided by the department. There are a number of laptop computers available for the use of students. These computers are primarily intended for computer exercises but may be borrowed for other course work, depending on availability. Contact your teacher or lab assistant in case you need to borrow a computer.

There are also a number of Linux workstations in the computer room, which are primarily intended for diploma workers and advanced level students. If you are a registered student at the department you can obtain access to the departmental network and computer room by contacting The computer room has a code lock for which you obtain the code when collecting your password or by contacting


Support for common university services such as the University Account, and Mondo, is provided by the university Serviceportalen.

To get assistance with the departmental network and computers, you can contact your teacher, assistant or supervisor, or the departmental helpdesk,