Solar Physics

Solar Physics

Sunspots observed with SST

The Sun is the nearest star to us, and compared to other stars, can be studied in great detail. Solar research in Stockholm is carried out by persons associated with the Institute for Solar Physics, based at the Department of Astronomy. The research is a mix of theory and observations. For the observations, extensive use is made of the Swedish Solar Telescope on La Palma. The studies focus on the structure of sun spots, small-scale magnetic fields, spectral line formation and the chromosphere. For further information, visit the web site of the institute.


The Institute for Solar Physics

Institute for Solar Physics

Namn Titel E-post/Telefon
Andriienko, Oleksii Supportobservatör
Bühler, David Post-doc 08‑6747247
Calvo, Flavio Post-doc
Castillus, Rickard Ekonomiansvarig 08‑55378564
Danilovic, Sanja Forskare 08‑55378530
Da Silva Santos, Joäo Manuel Doktorand 08‑55378515
de la Cruz Rodriguez, Jaime Forskare 08‑55378559
Díaz Baso, Carlos José Post-doc
Druett, Malcolm Keith Postdoc
Esteban Pozuelo, Sara Post-doc 08‑6747247
Hillberg, Tomas Forskningsingenjör 08‑55378558
Kianfar, Sepideh Doktorand 08‑55378558
Kiselman, Dan Universitetslektor 08‑55378531
Leenaarts, Jorrit Universitetslektor 08‑55378550
Libbrecht, Tine Doktorand 08‑55378530
Löfdahl, Mats Forskare 08‑55378503
Morosin, Roberta Doktorand
Pietrow, Alexander Doktorand 08‑55378528
Pires Bjørgen, Johan Doktorand 08‑55378507
Rivero Losada, Illa Doktorand
Robustini, Carolina Doktorand 08‑55378507
Scharmer, Göran Adjungerad professor 08‑55378532
Skan, Moa Doktorand
Sütterlin, Peter Supportastronom 08‑55378559
Vissers, Gregal Postdoc 08‑55378528
Yadav, Rahul Post-doc