Ethology II (7,5 credits) takes a problem-oriented and thematic approach to cover different aspects on the proximate and ultimate causal levels of behaviour. The content of the themes of the course is based on current international research and also reflects the research profiles of ethology at the Department of Zoology. These themes include e.g. animal learning and cognition, migration, predator and prey relations, animal personality, sexual selection, and phylogenetic comparative analysis of animal behaviour.

Usually, a theme is for a week where the first two days of the week consists of lectures. Already on the first day of each thematic week you will be assigned a scientific article. Three days into the course you shall send in a summary of your article and on Friday each week you give an oral presentation based on your article. On Tuesday to Thursday each week time is set aside so you can contact and discuss with the teachers while preparing for your own written/oral report of a theme.