The course deals with human behaviour from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes ethology together with evolutionary biology, archaeology, anthropology, history and psychology as important components. Important issues for the course is cultural change and genetic evolution, the long-term history of humans, the interaction between hereditary and the environment and social behaviour.

The course will provide insights on different perspectives on human behaviour, critically examine them and give an account of the empirical studies that support and those that do not support the different perspectives.

The education consists of lectures, seminars and literature exercises.

The teachers on the course are active at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution which is an interdisciplinary initiative that was founded in 2007 as collaboration between the departments of Zoology, Archaeology and Linguistics at Stockholm University, as well as the department of Mathematics and Physics at Mälardalen University. Their interdisciplinary approach is characterized by the insight that humans are shaped by biological as well as cultural processes and the ambition of the centre is to contribute to the understanding of the uniquely human against the background of our biological heritage.