Supernova remnant RCW 86. Credit: ESA/XMM-Newton & NASA/Chandra (X-ray); NASA/WISE/Spitzer (Infrared).

The conference will focus on the hydrodynamic and radiative interaction of supernova ejecta with their pre-supernova winds, as well as their ejecta properties. Special emphasis will be on unusual supernovae, which include supernovae in extreme wind environments, superluminous supernovae, calcium-rich supernovae, stripped-envelope supernovae, and interacting Type Ia supernovae. In addition, interactions arising due to complications such as asymmetries, clumpiness of the medium, and pre-SN episodic ejections will be discussed.

Conference details :

Please register for the conference using <this registration form>.

Conference registration fee : 750 SEK for PhD students, 1500 SEK for all others.

Registration deadline : March 1, 2018.

There will be a conference dinner one evening.

A block of rooms has been reserved at the nearby Elite Hotel Arcadia which is within a 5-10 minute walk from the conference venue. You can book these rooms by emailing or by calling +46 840 000 466. Please use booking number 4629113 in order to receive the special price. 

Please let the LOC know if you need childcare during the conference.

Practical information on using public transportation in Stockholm is below.


Scientific Organizing Committee :

Poonam Chandra, Stockholm University & NCRA-TIFR (Chair)
Roger Chevalier, University of Virginia
Claes Fransson, Stockholm University
Rubina Kotak, University of Turku
Peter Lundqvist, Stockholm University
Ragnhild Lunnan, Stockholm University
Keiichi Maeda, Kyoto University
Raffaella Margutti, Northwestern University

Local Organizing Committee:

Peter Lundqvist (Chair)
Rocio M. Anderson
Esha Kundu
Michiel Bustraan
Anders Nyholm
Emily Freeland

LOC contact email:


Practical Information 


Directions from Arlanda Airport by public transportation :

Arlanda Airport is well connected to the Central Station (Cityterminalen). You can choose between a 35-40 minutes ride by bus (Flygbussarna) for around 100 SEK, or a 20 minute ride by fast train (Arlanda Express) for more than double that price.

Flygbussarna tickets can be bought on the bus with any major credit card (cash is not accepted). Tickets for the Arlanda Express are best purchased from a ticket machine before you board the train. You can buy tickets on the train but they are more expensive.

Once you get to Cityterminalen enter the terminal hall and turn to the right, following the signs for the Tunnelbana (a blue T logo). Inside the station you can buy a single ticket (see below) or you can also buy the more convenient SL access card, depending on how long you are staying. 

Taking Taxis from Arlanda :

Taking a taxi from Arlanda to anywhere in central Stockholm will cost approximately 500 SEK. All the major companies have a fixed Arlanda-Stockholm price! This price will be posted on the taxi itself. Taxis accept all major credit cards.

Some taxi companies are: Stockholm Transfer (+46) (0)20-350000, Taxi Stockholm: (+46) (0)8-150000, Taxi 020: (+46) (0)20-202020, and TaxiKurir: (+46) (0)8-300000.

Getting around in Stockholm :

Stockholm has an extensive public transportation system. If you will need to ride the bus, tunnelbana (subway), or commuter trains for more than a couple of days then buy a plastic access card (20 SEK) from an attendant at the subway station which you can load with money for individual trips (31 SEK each) or a week or month-long pass. If you need only 24 or 72 hours of traveling you can buy a disposable card (these are usually available for sale at convenience stores in or near the subway stations). There is also a free app (SL: Journey planner and tickets) which you can use to plan your journey and buy single tickets.

Standard adult fare with an access card is 31 SEK per trip which expires in 75 minutes. If you need a single ticket quickly you can always buy this from the attendant at the station entrance, although this is always the most expensive option. You cannot buy tickets on buses.

Taking a taxi anywhere within central Stockholm will cost approximately 200 SEK.

Directions to AlbaNova from T-centralen :

From the tunnelbana station, T-centralen, take the red line in the direction Mörby Centrum and get off at Tekniska Högskolan (three stops). Take the Körsbärsvägen exit from the station and the staircase to your right after you pass through the barriers.

You reach the Albanova University Centre in about 10 minute walk or by catching bus 61 just 50m up the street from the tunnelbana entrance and getting off the bus at the Ruddamen stop.  The same ticket you used on the tunnelbana will be valid on the bus (if used within 75 minutes).