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    Welcome to the Department of Astronomy!

    The Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University, Stockholm Observatory, is the main institution in Stockholm for research and education within astronomy and astrophysics. We are located in AlbaNova University Center close to the main Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology campuses.

    HST in space

    Hubble Space Telescope 30 Years!

    It is a special day today! 30 years ago, the 24th of April 1990 the Hubble Space Telescope was launched in space.

    Think about your (home) work environment

    Many Stockholm University employees are working from home because of the corona crisis and the recommendations of the Public Health Department. Working from home can be challenging from a workplace environment point of view, especially with organising your time and staying connected.


    Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

    Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.


    Distance learning from 18 March

    Stockholm University transitions to distance learning from 18 March 2020. Information on the forms for this will be provided by the course coordinator. Make sure you are registered on the course and have access to the course page in Athena to be able to access all the information.


    Research at the Department of Astronomy

    Research in astronomy and astrophysics at the department is both observational and theoretical, and ranges from nearby objects like the Sun to the most distant galaxies. There is also a strong interest in astronomical instrumentation.


    Meet one of our researchers: Angela Adamo

    Meet Angela Adamo, a researcher at the Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University, who shares her story about her journey from Italy to living in Stockholm and working at Stockholm University.