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    Welcome to the Department of Astronomy!

    The Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University, Stockholm Observatory, is the main institution in Stockholm for research and education within astronomy and astrophysics. We are located in AlbaNova University Center close to the main Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology campuses.

    Teaching during summer and the autumn semester 2021 at the Department of Astronomy

    The Swedish Public Health Authority has lifted the recommendation for online teaching as of 2021-06-01, and the president of Stockholm University has decided (Dnr. SU FV-1.1.2-1620-20) that teaching and examination can gradually return to campus. All activities on campus need to follow the rules and recommendations issued by the relevant government agencies. Information about the autumn semester should be given as soon as possible, and latest on 2021-07-20.

    Research at the Department of Astronomy

    Research in astronomy and astrophysics at the department is both observational and theoretical, and ranges from nearby objects like the Sun to the most distant galaxies. There is also a strong interest in astronomical instrumentation.