CHEOPS satellite
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Launch postponed: ESA live. New time: Wednesday 9:54 CET.

CHEOPS is scheduled for launch on December 17, at 9:54 Swedish time, from Kourou in French Guiana. A primary goal for CHEOPS is to characterize exoplanets by measuring how light changes as a planet transits behind or in front of its star.


Alexis Brandeker
Alexis Brandeker, Department of Astronomy, Stockholm University.

The Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University (SU) is responsible for the Swedish technical contribution to CHEOPS, which consists of the development of a Data Flow Simulator, simulating how data are packed and transmitted from the satellite to the ground station. In addition to the technical contribution, SU also contributes scientifically to the mission, together with groups at Chalmers and at Lund University. Alexis Brandeker, at the Department of Astronomy, SU, is the coordinator for the
Swedish contributions.