Over 300 exoplanets have been detected showing a great variety of masses, compositions and orbital parameters. Understanding how these planets formed and evolved within protoplanetary disks is an important issue.

The thesis concerns different numerical simulations of gaseous disks in binary systems. In the first study, the physical interaction between a gaseous disk and an embedded planet is investigated using numerical methods. Futhermore, the presence of hydrodynamical instabilities is studied for different disk parameters with Neptune and Jupiter-sized planets. Vortices are generated close to the planet that exert strong perturbations on the planet in the models. The last part of the thesis studies mass transfer in binary systems with gaseous disks such as symbiotic and T Tauri binaries.


Monday 15 December, 14.00
Place: FB42, AlbaNova University Centre, Roslagstullsbacken 21

Thesis Contact:

Miguel de Val Borro, miguel@astro.su.se