On June 6th, Venus will pass in front of the Sun, for the last time before the year 2117. The transit will be visible from Stockholm from sunrise until 06:40. Since the AlbaNova telescope is not suited for solar observations, there will not be a telescope viewing organized by the Department of Astronomy. We refer instead to the Observatory Museum.

Since the last Venus transit in 2004, hundreds of new planets have been discovered outside our solar system, many by observing transits in front of their host stars. The Venus passage will allow astronomers a unique opportunity to fine tune the detection methods used. By looking for changes in the spectra of the stars during transits, it is possible to study the atmospheres of planets, and perhaps even to look for signs of life. On June 5th, the Observatory Museum is organizing a lecture in Swedish by Gösta Gahm, professor at the Department of Astronomy on this subject. More info here.