This project focusses on stellar spectroscopy using advanced numerical simulations of the stellar surface in 3-dimensions and in non-local thermodynamic equilibrium (non-LTE). The research group, led by Dr. Karin Lind (, works within the framework of million-star surveys of the Milky Way. We are part of large international survey teams that map the chemical composition, ages and dynamics of stars to study the formation history of the Galaxy, the physics of stars, and the origin on chemical elements. This particular PhD project focuses on heavy elements beyond the iron-peak, whose elusive origin continues to raise questions. Were they created in exotic supernovae explosions or violent neutron star mergers or both? The successful candidate will develop new atomic models for non-LTE spectroscopy to determine the abundance patterns of the most chemically pristine stars and draw conclusions about the deaths of the very first stellar generation in our Universe. The project will also involve analyzing data from large stellar surveys, to map the chemical evolution of heavy elements over time in the Milky Way and its satellites galaxies.

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