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Vacancies: Software Engineer

The department currently has one vacancy for a software engineer

PhD position announcement dates

Announcements of new PhD student positions will normally be made on the following dates: 

  • Announcement: April 2, deadline: April 23
  • Announcement: June 1, deadline: August 1
  • Announcement: October 15, deadline: November 5
  • Announcement: December 1, deadline: January 15 next year

If no announcement is made on any of these dates, there will be no positions to apply for until the next announcement date.  Read more about applying for our PhD positions in astronomy.

Open PhD positions in astronomy

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Student information

Telescope shows

Postal address
Stockholm University
AlbaNova University Center
Department of Astronomy
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Street address (for visitors)
Roslagstullsbacken 21, Stockholm

Delivery address
Roslagsvägen 30B
SE-114 19 Stockholm


The AlbaNova telescope

The AlbaNova telescope is one of the largest optical telescopes in Sweden.