Course evaluations serve two important purposes. On the one hand they allow the student the possibility to affect, reflect upon and take responsibility for their own learning while on the other hand also giving important information for our work with pedagogical development. In order for the department of astronomy to continually be able to offer education and courses of high quality we ask all students to respond to the course evaluations after each course.


Since autumn 2015 we carry out course evaluations for all courses digitally using Survey & Report. The course evaluation is composed of a number of shared questions plus course specific questions. If you as students want to contribute course specific questions you can send them to the at the latest one week before the end of the course.


On the last day of the course the course evaluation is sent out by e-mail to all students registered on the course. Those who have not responded will receive a reminder after 7 days and a final reminder the last day of the evaluation two weeks after the end of the course.


Thereafter the responses are compiled. The compilation of the responses together with the teacher's experiences provide the basis for the evaluation of the course. The course teacher documents the evaluation of the course in a report. The quantitative answers from the evaluation as well as the report are made available here. Students registered on the course also get the full compilation. The full compilation of the evaluation is available from the directors of studies. Course reports were introduced in the autumn of 2016.


If you have not received the course evaluation for your course that just ended, or if you have other questions regarding course evaluations please contact


VT 2021

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course_evaluation_AS5004_vt21.pdf (251 Kb) Course_report_AS5004_vt21.pdf (58 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7003_vt21.pdf (256 Kb) Course_report_AS7003_vt21.pdf (58 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7004_vt21.pdf (255 Kb) Course_report_AS7004_vt21.pdf (59 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7018_vt21.pdf (327 Kb) Course_report_AS7018_vt21.pdf (57 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7021_vt21.pdf (251 Kb) Course_report_AS7021_vt21.pdf (58 Kb)


HT 2020

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course_evaluation_AS5005_HT20 (131 Kb) Course_report_AS5005_ht20 (58 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS5002_ht20 (150 Kb) Course_report_AS5002_HT20 (59 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS5003_HT20.pdf (235 Kb) Course_report_AS5003_HT20.pdf (59 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7005_ht20.pdf (262 Kb) Course_report_AS7005_ht20.pdf (57 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7016_ht20.pdf (232 Kb) Course_report_AS7016_ht20.pdf (54 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7017_ht20.pdf (252 Kb) Course_report_AS7017_ht20.pdf (58 Kb)


VT 2020

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course_evaluation_AS5004_vt20 (249 Kb) Course_report_AS5004_VT20 (61 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7003_vt20 (250 Kb) Course_report_AS7003_VT20 (62 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7004_vt20 (251 Kb) Course_report_AS7004_VT20 (64 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7015_vt20 (249 Kb) Course_report_AS7015_VT20 (62 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7019_vt20 (241 Kb) Course_report_AS7019_VT20 (60 Kb)


HT 2019

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course_evaluation_AS5005_ht19 (250 Kb) Course_report_AS5005_HT19 (62 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS5002_ht19 (262 Kb) Course_report_AS5002_HT19 (63 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS5003_ht19 (232 Kb) Course_report_AS5003_HT19 (79 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7001_ht19 (246 Kb) Course_report_AS7001_HT19 (78 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7002_ht19 (248 Kb) Course_report_AS7002_HT19 (60 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7022_ht19 (241 Kb) Course_report_AS7022_HT19 (83 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS8001_ht19 (239 Kb) Course_report_AS8001_HT19 (60 Kb)


VT 2019

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course_evaluation_AS5004_VT19.pdf (240 Kb) Course_report_AS5004_VT19.pdf (72 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7003_VT19.pdf (250 Kb) Course_report_AS7003_VT19.pdf (58 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7004_VT19.pdf (241 Kb) Course_report_AS7004_VT19.pdf (72 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7018_VT19.pdf (229 Kb) Course Report AS7018 VT19
Course_evaluation_AS7021_VT19.pdf (245 Kb) Course_report_AS7021_VT19.pdf (76 Kb)


HT 2018

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course_evaluation_AS5001_HT18_hp.pdf (241 Kb) Course_report_AS5001_ht18_hp.pdf (59 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS5002_HT18_hp.pdf (254 Kb) Course_report_AS5002_HT18 (82 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS5003_HT18_hp.pdf (236 Kb) Course_report_AS5003_ht18_hp.pdf (73 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7005_HT18_hp.pdf (243 Kb) Course_report_AS7005_ht18_hp.pdf (77 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7008_HT18_hp.pdf (232 Kb) Course_report_AS7008_ht18_hp.pdf (73 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7016_HT18_hp.pdf (233 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7017_HT18_hp.pdf (237 Kb) Course_report_AS7017_ht18_hp.pdf (72 Kb)


VT 2018

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course evaluation AS7003 VT18 (235 Kb) CourseReportAS7003_vt18.pdf (58 Kb)
Course evaluation AS7004 VT18 (226 Kb) CourseReportAS7004_vt18_hp.pdf (72 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7006_VT18.pdf (240 Kb) CourseReportAS7006_vt18.pdf (74 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7015_VT18.pdf (233 Kb) CourseReportAS7015_vt18_hp.pdf (72 Kb)
Course_evaluation_AS7019_VT18.pdf (229 Kb) CourseReportAS7019_vt18.pdf (57 Kb)


HT 2017

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course evaluation AS5001 HT17 (235 Kb) Course Report AS5001 HT17 (62 Kb)
Course evaluation AS7001 HT17 (230 Kb) Course Report AS7001 HT17  (report not finished)
Course evaluation AS7002 HT17 (256 Kb) Course Report AS7002 HT17 (71 Kb)
Course evaluation AS7007 HT17 (235 Kb) Course Report AS7007 HT17 (71 Kb)
Course evaluation AS7009 HT17 (237 Kb) Course Report AS7009 HT17 (76 Kb)
Course evaluation AS7020 HT17 (250 Kb) Course Report AS7020 HT17 (71 Kb)


VT 2017

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course Evaluation AS7003 VT17 (332 Kb) Course Report AS7003 VT17 (46 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7004 VT17 (339 Kb) Course Report AS7004 VT17 (45 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7006 VT17 (335 Kb) Course Report AS7006 VT17 (51 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7018 VT17 (334 Kb) Course Report AS7018 VT17 (44 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7021 VT17 (341 Kb) Course Report AS7021 VT17 (49 Kb)


HT 2016

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course Evaluation AS5001 HT16 (387 Kb) Course Report AS5001 HT16 (50 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7005 HT16 (336 Kb) Course Report AS7005 HT16 (49 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7008 HT16 (337 Kb) Course Report AS7008 HT16 (46 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7009 HT16 (339 Kb) Course Report AS7009 HT16 (47 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7010 HT16 (336 Kb) Course Report AS7010 HT16 (43 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7016 HT16 (333 Kb) Course Report AS7016 HT16 (43 Kb)
Course Evaluation AS7017 HT16 (339 Kb) Course Report AS7017 HT16 (57 Kb)


VT 2016

Course Evaluation Students Course Report Teacher
Course Evaluation AS7003 VT16 (380 Kb)  
Course Evaluation AS7004 VT16 (416 Kb)  
Course Evaluation AS7006 VT16 (314 Kb)  
Course Evaluation AS7015 VT16 (381 Kb)  
Course Evaluation AS7019 VT16 (387 Kb)