Our courses generally rely on one or more textbooks, listed in the literature section of the course information. There may also be some books listed as recommended additional reading. Finally, the course information may list some additional resources, such as material sold by the department and online material.

Before starting a new course you should check the literature list well in advance and make sure to acquire any books before the course starts. The preliminary course information pages contain the literature list for the course.
Current courses at the department

Where can I buy the literature?

The bulk of the literature used in our courses consists of standard textbooks in English, meaning they are usually available from online bookstores. Note that the delivery time may be up to several weeks for certain titles.

The Stockholm University library may have a few textbook copies available for loan or reference and in some cases also as eBook in which case you can download a copy to your computer. See http://su.se/library. You can also find advertisements with used course literature for sale on noteboards in the building. Sometimes a used copy of an older edition may be acceptable - ask your teacher if you need advice.


If you have any questions regarding the literature on your course, you should contact the teacher. Contact details are listed in the course pages under Current courses