Please note that all laboratory exercises are protected by copyright. If this material is to be used in any other context than for courses given at Stockholm University, permission must first be granted by the Director of Undergraduate Education.

Writing laboratory exercise reports

A written report is required for each laboratory exercise. The front page should contain:

  • Name of the author
  • Swedish personal identity number of the author
  • E-mail address/Phone no.
  • Submission date
  • Name of the laboratory exercise
  • Course name
  • Course code (AS****)

Unless otherwise specified, the report should contain:

  • A short abstract
  • An introduction
  • Complete solution to all tasks
  • A short summary and/or discussion

More detailed instructions can be found in the document "Things to consider when writing the report". For those of you who would like to write the report in the typesetting language LaTeX, which is widely used by astronomers and physicists, you may take a look at the file report.tex (needs the figure

Most computer exercises are carried out in a Linux environment. You can find some useful commands in the Unix/Linux command list.

Astrophysical Radiation Processes, AS 7005

1.  Radiation (PDF) (648 Kb)  (PDF)
Programme file ( Programme file (radiation.sav) (192 Kb) ) and variables ( variables (radiation_data.xdr) (2177 Kb) )

Astrophysical Spectra, AS 7006

1.  Stellar and emission line spectra (PDF) (1147 Kb)  (PDF)
2.  Spectrix 1.1 (3359 Kb)  (includes free software libraries; for license compliance purposes
we make the source code for these libraries available here: 
Spectrix 1.1 source code (3761 Kb)

Cosmology, AS 7009

1.  Spectral lines and redshifts (PDF) (71 Kb)  (PDF)

Introduction to Galaxies and Cosmology, AS 3001

1.  The cosmic distance scale (PDF) (511 Kb)  (PDF)
Analysis tool ( Analysis tool (cepheid.sav) (77 Kb) )
2. The Colour-Magnitude Relation for Elliptical Galaxies
Plotting tool (earlyfit.sav)

Stellar Structure and Evolution, AS 7010

1.  Modelling stars on the zero-age main sequence (PDF) (390 Kb)  (PDF)
Stellar structure modelling programme (65 Kb)
Visualisation tool (123 Kb)

Contact information and help

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the assistant