Spring 2018


Student office

Gorica Nikolic
Office: B4:1001
Open: usually Mon-Fri 10.00-11.30, 13.00-15.00 
Tel: 08 5537 8650
Fax: 08 5537 8464
E-mail: studieinfo@astro.su.se



Student advisor
Magnus Axelsson
Phone: 08-5537 8534, Wednesdays 13:30-15:00 
E-mail: studieinfo@astro.su.se


Director of undergraduate studies
Garrelt Mellema
E-mail: studieinfo@astro.su.se

Deputy director of undergraduate studies
Magnus Näslund
E-mail: studieinfo@astro.su.se

Director of graduate studies
Jesper Sollerman
Phone: 08-5537 8554
E-mail: jesper@astro.su.se

Comprehensive schedule spring 2018

The comprehensive schedule ("blockschema") provides an overview of the schedules for all bachelor and master level courses during the spring term of 2018. It was last updated on 14 March 2018.

Comprehensive schedule autumn 2017

This overview shows how the courses are being given with respect to each other.