Degree programmes

Bachelor´s Programme in Astronomy

Do you want to apply math and physics to understand what happening in the Universe? Our Bachelor programme in Astronomy give you a solid base in physics, mathematics and astronomy. These skills open up a wide labour market, or lead onward to master studies in physics, astronomy or teaching.

Master's Programme in Astronomy

Are you interested in the physics of black holes, cosmology, exoplanets or supernovae? In this programme you will cover theoretical and observational approaches to modern astrophysics, and acquire skills and proficiency to analyse, evaluate and present complex data. This prepares you for a career in research or for qualified jobs in industry.

The Master's programme is entirely taught in English.


Student office

Gorica Nikolic
Office: B4:1001
Open: usually Mon-Fri 10.00-11.30, 13.00-15.00 
Tel: 08 5537 8650
Fax: 08 5537 8464


Academic Advisor

Malva Rydqvist

Office: next to the student office

Phone: 08-5537 8652 (Phone hours: Monday and Wednesday 09:00-11:00.)


Director of undergraduate studies (bachelor & master)
Magnus Axelsson

Deputy director of undergraduate studies
Magnus Näslund

Director of graduate studies (PhD)
Jesper Sollerman
Phone: 08-5537 8554

Comprehensive schedule spring 2020

The comprehensive schedule ("blockschema") provides an overview of the schedules for all bachelor and master level courses during the spring term of 2020.

Comprehensive schedule Spring 2020

Comprehensive schedule autumn 2020

Here we will publish a link to the comprehensive schedule ("blockschema") for all bachelor and master level courses during the autumn term of 2020.