Bachelor's programme with a major in astronomy (180 ECTS credits)

This programme is only taught in Swedish. The first two years are very similar to the Bachelor's programme in Physics offered by the physics department and follows their course programme, except for quantum physics (7.5 credits) during term 2, which is replaced by the course Galaxies and Cosmology, Introductory course (7.5 credits). The third year includes Quantum mechanics 1 and 2 during the first term at Fysikum and then Cosmology (7.5 credits) and Astrophysical spectra (7.5 credits) at the Department of Astronomy. The second term of the third year consists of Stellar structure and evolution (7.5 credits) at the Department of Astronomy, Astroparticle physics at Fysikum and finally a 15 credit individual project.

Fysikum (Department of Physics), Stockholm University

A more detailed description of the Bachelor's programme is available in Swedish.

Bachelor's programme (in Swedish)


If you wish to obtain more information about our Bachelor's programme we recommend that you contact our student advisor or the Student Office.

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