Compulsory courses in the Master's programme

Astrophysical Gas Dynamics, 7.5 hp (AS7002)
Planet and Star Formation, 7.5 hp (AS7015)
Physics of the Interstellar Medium, 7.5 hp (AS7001)
Astrophysical Radiation Processes, 7.5 hp (AS7005)
High Energy Astrophysics, 7.5 hp (AS7008)
Late Stages of Stars, Supernovae and Gamma-ray Bursts, 7.5 hp (AS7016)
Observational Astrophysics I, 7.5 hp (AS7003)
Galaxies, 7.5 hp (AS7007)
Observational Astrophysics II, 7.5 hp (AS7004)

Astronomy, Degree Project, 30 (AS9001) or 45 hp (AS9002)

Compulsory courses for studens who have not taken them (or equivalent courses) in their earlier studies
Cosmology, 7.5 hp (AS7009)
Stellar Structure and Evolution, 7.5 hp (AS7020)

Optional courses 7.5-22.5 hp; examples:

Astrophysical MHD, 7.5 hp (AS7019)
Stellar atmospheres, 7.5 hp (AS7017)