The graduate student program gives a deeper insight into one of the areas in astronomy and gives the student the knowledge and experience required to become a critical and independent scientist. After having completed a three-year bachelor in physics or astronomy (180 credits) and at least 60 credits of master level studies (of which at least 30 credits must be a thesis project on the master level), you are qualified to apply for the graduate student program. Of course a master degree in astronomy also fulfills the requirements for the graduate study program. The requirements can also be fulfilled with an equivalent degree, e.g. an engineering degree (e.g. in engineering physics) or a similar degree from outside Sweden.

It takes approximately four years to complete a PhD on the graduate study program. You will get more information about the program from the department if you wish to continue with your studies. The graduate study program is described in detail here.

1. General information

2. Entering the graduate programme

3. The graduate programme

Director of graduate studies

The director of graduate studies is the first point of contact for questions and advice regarding the graduate programme. The present director of graduate studies is

Jesper Sollerman
AlbaNova Universitetscentrum
Dept. of Astronomy
SE-10691 Stockholm
Tel: +46-8-5537 8554