Courses given during the spring semester and the fisrt half of autumn semester 2021 will follow these principles:

  • Lectures and problem solving sessions are given remotely. Teaching must include elements that give the students the opportunity to interact with the lecturer and each other in real time, i.e., it may not consist purely of self-studies.
  • Practical elements (e.g. laboratory work) are given on campus unless adequate remote alternatives can be offered. Laboratory work on campus is arranged so that physical distance can be observed. The number of students staying in laboratory rooms at the same time is limited, and students are allowed to work in pairs at most.
  • Students who cannot or do not want to participate in teaching on campus are offered the opportunity to complete practical steps during dedicated periods later in the year (e.g. in connection with the re-examination).
  • Exams are planned remotely. The teacher/examiner responsible for the course must, no later than one month before the examination, propose the format of the exam and consult with the director of studies and the student office. Students on the course (or registered for the exam) must be informed of the arrangement in good time.

Please note that if the recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency or Stockholm University change, these principles may need to be updated. It is the responsibility of the teacher responsible for the course to inform the students about any changes that take place.