The majority of the teaching at the Department of Astronomy is already done online and we will now minimize all teaching on campus. However, some parts of our courses and exams still require attendance on campus. In these cases, a maximum of eight people may gather at the same time. This will have the following consequences

Autumn term 2020

  •     Teaching is moved online where possible.
  •     Practical elements that cannot be given at a distance will still be performed on campus.
  •     Written exams on campus will for most courses be replaced with alternatives that can be done at a distance.

The changes are expected to continue to apply at least until the end of 2020. Information on any changes regarding teaching or exams during a course will be provided by the teacher.

General policy for courses during the first half of the spring semester 2021


The Department of Astronomy strongly believes that on-campus teaching is generally to be preferred from a pedagogical point of view. Especially practical elements in courses (such as labs) and exams are difficult to replace, whereas lectures more easily can be transferred online with preserved quality. At the same time, we feel great responsibility towards both staff and students, and wish to minimise the risk for transmission of disease.

Lectures will be given online. Lectures must include parts that give the students the opportunity to interact with the lecturer and each other in real time, ie it must not consist of pure self-study. For students starting their studies, there may be a need for a higher degree of attendance on campus. There is the opportunity to hold classes in small groups on campus. Events on campus will be coordinated to minimize the number of trips (eg one day a week).
Practical elements (eg laboratory work) are provided on campus unless adequate alternatives at a distance can be offered. Laboratory work on campus is arranged in small groups so that physical distance can be observed.

Exams are planned to be conducted on campus if the situation allows, but may be conducted remotely.

All rooms will be adapted so that physical distancing is possible. In cases where the course coordinator judges that a good alternative can be implemented completely at a distance, this is preferable. This especially applies to courses at the advanced level.

Students who for any reason are unable to participate in teaching on campus will be offered the opportunity to complete practical elements in the later part of the semester (e.g., in commotion with the re-exam period).

Courses starting during the second half of the spring semester (from 22 March)

We currently hope that teaching during the second half of the semester will be able to be carried out completely on campus. However, we do not know how the situation will develop. We will therefore review this in January, and make decisions in connection to the start of the semester. More information will then be published on this page.