Information in English

Project work

Are you planning to finish your Bachelor's or Master's during the coming year? Then it would be good to start thinking about which research area you would want to do your final project in. Are you more interested in working with observational data or to compute models? You can find an overview of the different research areas in our research pages. Before the projects start we will organise an information meeting where possible projects will be presented.

Schedule and course literature

You can find the course schedule, literature and other important information for courses which will be given in the current and coming term under Current courses. You can also find a comprehensive schedule for the whole term at the righthand side  of this page under the frame containing contact details.

Exam regulations

We have composed a brief summary of the regulations regarding written exams. You will also find a link to the general rules surrounding written exams at Stockholm University.

Departmental student services

The student Student office can help you with most study related issues such as help with applying or registrering on courses, access cards, exam results, etc. Our student councillor can help you with questions regarding studying astronomy at our department and career advice. For more information see Student services.

Athena - SU's new digital learning platform

Athena is Stockholm University's digital learning platform. Students who are registered on a course which uses Athena will automatically gain access to Athena. To learn more about Athena please have a look at Get started with Athena

University card

As a student at Stockholm University you need a university account and a university card to access SU's different IT services. They for example give you access  to the central computer rooms, the possibility to use the printomat printers, the university library and the wireless network. To active your account go to eller check out the information page.