International student applications to our degree programmes

For international students, there are a number of important steps to consider when applying to our courses and programmes.

Academic requirements

For our Bachelor's programme with a major in Astronomy, which is only given in Swedish, we require the equivalent of a Swedish upper secondary school education with special requirements in Maths (course D), Physics (course B) and Chemistry (course A). Note that proven proficiency in Swedish and English is also assumed within this requirement.

For our Master's programme, the requirement is a Bachelor's degree or equivalent with a major in Physics or Astronomy, corresponding to a minimum of 180 ECTS points.

Individual courses may have additional requirements, e.g. that courses are taken in a certain order.

Our introductory level courses in most cases only require the equivalent of a Swedish upper secondary school education.

Language requirements

Our Bachelor's programme, all first level courses and introduction courses require proven proficiency in both Swedish and English. Please contact our student advisor for more information regarding Swedish language requirements.

All courses on our Master's programme are taught in English, and the Master's programme requires proven proficiency in English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary school course English B. For more information, see the Admissions Office page on English Requirements.

There are no formal Swedish language requirements for the Master's programme; you may however want to consider taking Swedish classes while in Stockholm.

Other requirements for international students

If you are formally admitted to Stockholm University, you are advised to immediately apply for a student visa and/or residency permit, if required, as this may take up to two months.

The Swedish Migration Board issues visas and residency permits. You can apply for these at Swedish consulates and embassies in your home country. If you are a citizien of EU/EEA and/or the Nordic countries, this procedure may be simplified.
Swedish Migration Board

Please consult for general information on studying at Swedish universities as an international student.
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Application procedure

Applications are handled through a centralised system for online applications. Complete instructions on how to apply can be found at the applications site, Note that no documents should be sent directly to Stockholm University. If you have any questions, please contact the student advisor.

Student services

Our degree programmes start every autumn, in August. The application procedure opens in December.

Please consult the Stockholm University Applications and Admissions information for further information regarding the application procedure.

Applications for single courses and diploma/thesis projects


Generally, the same academic requirements and language requirements as for the degree programmes apply for single courses, corresponding to the course level. Some courses may have additional prerequisite courses, as specified in the course catalogue below.
Astronomy courses at Stockholm University

Single course applications

If you are interested in taking a single course or doing a diploma/thesis project in astronomy, please contact our Student Office directly. For our introductory level courses it is also possible to register through the online course catalogue entries, but for new international students we recommend contacting our Student Office.
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Please contact our student advisor for more information on how to apply for our courses and programmes.
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