Computer room and workplaces

There is a computer room in the departmental corridor with Debian Linux workstations, room FC62/C6:1048. The computer room is intended as a workplace for the advanced level students and diploma/thesis project workers. Contact the Student Office in order to obtain access to the computer room and computer network.

The eastern common room in the departmental corridor is also intended to be used by students as lunch area. There are microwave ovens and refridgerators available for the students' use.


The library at AlbaNova (7th floor) contains reference books that can be read there but must not be removed. Loans are not possible. The books are listed in the Libris catalogue.

The library shelf in the middle common room of the department has a small selection of astronomical literature. You may not bring any books from that library shelf outside the department, as they are available for reference only.

In the easternmost end of the corridor, there is a journal shelf with a selection of current issues of astronomical and other scientific journals.