(All student unions and associations are independent of Stockholm University itself. The Department of Astronomy and Stockholm University does not have any responsibility for the contents of the websites linked below. The links are provided solely as a service to the students.)

Stockholm University Student Union

The Student Union is responsible for monitoring students' rights at the university. At the departmental level this is mainly carried out through the involvement of student representatives in the departmental decision process.

As an astronomy student and member in the Stockholm University Student Union, there are many student activities available for you. On the main university campus at Frescati, which is approximately 15 minutes away from the AlbaNova buildning, a number of student oriented social activities such as pubs and concerts are arranged every week during semesters.

Members of the Student Union also have access to a large number of student benefits, such as student housing, public transportation discounts, discounted health services, sports activities and gym memberships. More information is available from the Student Union's website.

Stockholm University Student Union

Naturvetenskapliga föreningen - The Association for Science Students


The Natural Sciences faculty club (Naturvetenskapliga föreningen, NF), is the students' association for all students within the natural sciences. NF organises social activities for new students as well as old students, such as pub nights, parties and student theatre. They also encourage and support students within the natural sciences through grants and organise job fairs.
The Natural Sciences faculty club

There is no student association solely for astronomy students, but the student association for physics, Quanta, also accepts astronomy students.

The PhD Students' Council

The PhD students of the astronomy department are represented by the PhD Students' Council, which provides practical information to new and present research students, is involved in improving the work environment for research students and arranges a Journal Club as well as various social activities.

Please visit the PhDWiki pages for more information.
PhD students' wiki