Teaching at the Department of Astronomy

For courses given during summer and autumn 2021, the following principles will apply at the Department of Astronomy:

  1. Teaching and examination during the summer will be carried out remotely in accordance with earlier planning and information.
  2. Re-exams in August and September will primarily follow the same format as the original exam (normally online). If motivated the re-exam may be given on campus. The head of the course should notify the students (and the student administration) about the format latest on 2021-07-01. The information will also be put in the exam schedule and the course page in Athena.
  3. Welcome activities will be planned both on campus and remotely. Gatherings on campus will be done in small groups.
  4. Courses given during the first half of the autumn semester will be given partly remotely and partly on campus. Campus teaching will be prioritized for students in the early stages of their studies. Teaching for large groups of students on campus will be avoided early in the autumn (the rules for public gatherings will be used as a guideline). Practical elements of courses (e.g., lab exercises) and examination will be held on campus. The guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency will be followed for all campus activities. Information regarding the format for each course is given in the schedule.
  5. Courses and exams held during the second half of the semester are planned to be fully on campus. The planning will be reviewed at the start of the autumn semester. This gives about two months notice for
  6. staff and students, while allowing us to see how the situation develops until the autumn.

In case of new guidelines announced by the government, other public agencies or the president of the university, these principles may be revised.