The following guidelines will be in place at the Department of Astronomy for the first half of the spring semester 2022:

  • Exams in January will take place on campus as planned.
  • Practical parts of courses, e.g. lab exercises, will be held on campus.
  • Physical distancing should be possible during all campus teaching. In cases where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, face mask are recommended and will be provided by the department.
  • The main principle will be to keep teaching on campus with seating spread out in the lecture room. If a sufficiently large room is not available, teaching should be held remotely or in hybrid mode where some students follow the course remotely.
  • Our overview courses are given remotely during the first half of the semester. If the situation allows, they may change to campus teaching during the second half. This will be communicated well in advance by the head of the course.
  • Exams will be held on campus.
  • Students and teachers should stay home in case of symptoms for Covid-19. We will facilitate participation for students who cannot attend on campus.
  • In case the format of a course changes, this will be posted on the course page in the digital course catalog.
  • Information regarding the second half of the spring semester will be given as soon as possible.

These guidelines are subject to change if new directives are given by the government, Stockholm University or other government agencies.