Astronomdagarna 2019

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Programme available

The full programme for the astronomers days is now available here

Astronomdagarna - Astronomers' Days is a biennial scientific meeting bringing together astronomers from all of Sweden.

The current series of Astronomdagarna started in Stockholm 1999. Now the event will be back, hosted by the Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University.

The last day, Saturday October 26, will be dedicated to celebrating the centenary of the Swedish Astronomical Society. The programme on this day will largely be held in Swedish.

Invited Speakers

  • Carina Persson (Chalmers): On exoplanets and the CHEOPS mission
  • Sofia Ramstedt (UU):  Binary interaction in evolved stars studied with ALMA
  • Emilya Yordanova (IRF Uppsala): On space weather
  • Jens Jasche (SU Physics): Large-scale dynamics of the Universe
  • Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez (SU IFS): Chromospheric heating of the Sun
  • Simona Pirani (LU): Asteroid formation, orbital evolution and impact history on Earth

Scientific Organising Committee

Alexis Brandeker, SU Astronomy (chair)
Magnus Axelsson, SAS
Oleg Kochukhov, UU
Ragnhild Lunnan, SU Astronomy
Hans Nilsson, IRF
Ariel Goobar, SU Physics
David Hobbs, LU
Magnus Persson, CTH
Felix Ryde, KTH


Local Organising Committee

Dan Kiselman (chair)
Magnus Axelsson
Anna Björk
Alexis Brandeker
Simon Eriksson
Sergio Gelato
Jens Jashe
Bengt Larsson
Magnus Näslund
Axel Runnholm
Felix Ryde
Jesper Sollerman
Göran Östlin



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