Stockholm is full of accommodation possibilities. For the convenience of our participants we have reserved a number of rooms at Elite Hotel Arcadia, which is the closest hotel to Albanova, within a few minutes’ walk. The rooms are available upon request by using a promotion code.


Deadline for booking a reserved room using the Astronomdagarna promotion code is September 26.

How to book a room at Elite Hotel Arcadia using the Astronomdagarna promotion code

Please contact Elite Hotel Arcadia directly, either by email or phone:


Phone: +46(0)8-4000 04 66 (then press 1 on your phone to get to individual booking)


To get access to the reserved rooms for the event, please use the Astronomdagarna promotion code 4927130 at the time of booking.

Price per night: 1,350 SEK for a single room

1,550 SEK for a double room


Arrival date: October 24, 2019

Departure date: October 26, 2019



Useful information about booking accommodation

The prices above include breakfast, VAT and WiFi. When booking a room at Elite Hotel Arcadia, you need to provide the hotel with a credit card number including expiration date as a guarantee for your booking. You can then pay at the hotel or by invoice (within Sweden). Cancellation of a booked room can be made up until two weeks before the event. Please contact Elite Hotel Arcadia for further details about the terms of booking or Anna Björk at SU Astronomy, for other administrative questions.


Send questions to: