Astronomdagarna 2019 will take place at Albanova University Centre in Stockholm.
The main sessions will be held at the Oskar Klein Auditorium with 265 seats.


The detailed programme and abstracts can be downloaded here:

Astronomdagarna Program (110 Kb)

Astronmdagarna Abstracts (887 Kb)


Invited Speakers

  • Carina Persson (Chalmers): On exoplanets and the CHEOPS mission
  • Sofia Ramstedt (UU):  Binary interaction in evolved stars studied with ALMA
  • Emiliya Yordanova (IRF Uppsala): On space weather
  • Jens Jasche (SU Physics): Large-scale dynamics of the Universe
  • Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez (SU IFS): Chromospheric heating of the Sun
  • Simona Pirani (LU): Asteroid formation, orbital evolution and impact history on Earth


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